About us

The Guesthouse: Doncaster’s most exclusive lounge. Combining delectable eats, unique cocktails and premium quality shisha, we offer a sublime experience suited to the elegant surroundings you will find yourself in when you walk through our doors.

Our bar is home to timeless classics, new spins and our own unique creations. From coffee and draught to cocktails and craft, we will always find the perfect way to quench your thirst, no matter the weather.

Our kitchen provides a flexible approach to getting your foodie fill. With a variety of light bites and Meze-style dishes, burgers if you’re in need of something more substantial and a range of desserts to satisfy your sweet-tooth, there is something for everyone.

Equally as important as anything you can choose from our menus, is what we aim to provide while you are with us. Your comfort and enjoyment are our highest priority. Our welcoming, friendly team are here to help with anything you need to make your afternoon and evening as relaxing and memorable as possible.

“A good time occurs when we lose track of what time it is”

We eagerly invite you to come and lose track of time in our care. You decide when; we will take care of the rest.